what is this fanlisting about?

This website is the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.org dedicated to one of my most favourite musical groups of all time, the magical Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young), and aims to create the biggest listing of all the fans of these beautiful musicians.

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my love for CSNY

I am a blossoming fan of CSN(Y) and hope I always will be; their catalogue of music is something that I always learn new things about. For me, they have an evergreen appeal in their unique way of tackling logic in music: they turn it upside down, roll it around in the palm of their hands and interpret it into something so complete and full in your mouth, your lips, like a golden chain rolling into the centre of your palm, chain by chain. Like magic, they twinkle fears away; make you feel and live fresh emotions.

Their music, to me, is indefinable. Happy, sad, romantic, adoring, mourning, innocent and cunning; harmonies that ache across the sky, poke stars into velvet, swallow the full round moon. Complete. Curling words and melodies, etched into your eyes, soul, being. When I hear Helplessly Hoping, my world is turned upside down, words have eternal meaning; I am walking through a golden field and feeling cotton clouds caressing my empty palms. I am halfway between here and there... they live and breathe their music and art just as much as it lives and breathes them.

CSN(Y)'s powerful skill of harmonizing has been admired by musicians all across the musical spectrum. Perfectly jigsaw-puzzled and diamond-clinking harmonies make me feel like I am a ball of golden thread, unreeling, slowly, falling gently until I'm naked to my innermost core. It would be an understatement they change me; when I listen to them, I become them. I become them; it's the haunting effect they have on me.

And not only that, but they understand the need for joy, pleasure and release, too - they are renowned political activists in the quest for freedom and equality. They can have that dark, deep and discovering side, but they also sing of joy and freedom - of speaking your mind and rolling into fields that glow with life, the need to be happy and enjoy and share life for every moment there is! They can make you feel overwhelmed with the simplest joy, it's beautiful and alive and free; evokes sunrise tears.

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And if I haven't scared you off too much and you find yourself a fan of this magnificent selection of talented artists too, please do feel free to join this fanlisting. :)

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