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You are currently viewing Version 2 of this fanlisting. :) It features the cover of their 1974 compilation album, So Far. The album cover was designed by the beautiful Joni Mitchell, an intimate friend and colleague of the group. Although you can't see the cover well, I loved Joni's simple imagery, how the colours blossomed and represented each of those inner colours of the boys, how their colours and bodies gradually became one, how nature, freedom, sadness, intimacy, joy and their music intertwined altogether; how Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young are indeed for each other.

Through all their journeys, seperations and rifts, like bees to a blooming flower, CSNY always end up together. From Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, The Hollies - to CSN, CSN(Y), CN, N-S - the possibilities are endless. :D

Please note: If you are Joni Mitchell and object to the use of your painting in the manipulated image above, please let me know immediately! :) I do not want to cause any friction; I only wanted to use your beautiful artwork to convey the feelings I feel for CSNY, and am not making any profit from this website. I adore you. :D But do let me know! :) Thank you.

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version 1, thumbnail gifVersion 1 featured a fresh, blossoming picture of the boys: the colours, their smiles, the setting, the guitars... Graham's fine distancy, Stephen's famous concentration, Neil's romantic white attire, so beautiful... David's curling moustache. Layout from 26th September 2005 to 14 February 2007!

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